Pee Dee Pet Cremation, LLC


We're Here To Help

We pick up pets from veterinary offices at no charge.

For a small fee, we also provide home removal from private residences within a 25-mile radius of our Darlington location. We also serve areas outside our 25-mile radius for an additional charge.

If you should have to have euthanization or your pet should pass away at home, you may bring him/her to us at our office. We have a private viewing room for you to say your final goodbye. Please call before to make sure we are not assisting another family or out on a call.

We are a full-service pet crematory and we handle our own pet cremations while preserving the Chain of Custody. You can rest assured the remains you receive are YOUR pet. You will receive  ONLY your pet's remains in a sealed container inside one of our standard urns.

You will also receive a Certificate of Cremation, a Rainbow Bridge bookmark with a heart shaped seed pod that will yield beautiful wildflowers to honor your pet and a hand-written sympathy card.


We are available by phone 24 hours a day. Please call before you drop by, as we may be on a call or assisting another family, and we would hate miss you.